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Paver Laying Attachments: Hydraulic

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The variable hydraulic clamp can be adapted in minutes to any construction machinery, such as excavators, wheeled loaders, backhoe excavators, fork-lift trucks, special machines etc.

It functions in the same way as the clamp on the Paver laying machine. The attachment on the excavator arm is handled via a simple socket pin and the hydraulic connections can be easily connected.

The hydraulic excavator clamp can be infinitely adjusted to all stone sizes, stone layers and stone thicknesses and can also move rectangular and quadratic stones in the running bond.

The hydraulic excavator clamp is available for construction machinery in single loop system and dual loop system variants. Should the construction machinery have only one hydraulic circuit, the functions “Adjust” and “Open/Close” are carried out automatically one after the other.

An attractive entry into automated paving laying… and retrofitting to the Optimas Paver laying machine is possible at a later date!